Stormwater Management

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whenitrainsGovernor Corbett signed a bill allowing for the creation of stormwater authorities.

A bill aimed at improving stormwater management in Pennsylvania was signed into law by governor Tom Corbett.  Senate Bill 351, authored by Senator Edwin “Ted: Erickson (R-Chester), enables the creation of stormwater authorities to help create a stable source of funding for municipal management planning and projects.  The bill became Act 68 of 2013.

This bill gives municipalities a vital tool for developing sustainable programs to address issues like stormwater pollution and flooding.  Local governments in Pennsylvania are seeking tools to help them respond to the escalating costs of stormwater management to address regulatory requirements and flooding problems.  Under the bill these authorities could also provide incentives for private stormwater management that would reduce costs to local governments and taxpayers.


Reprinted from Pennsylvania Borough News,


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