Slate Road Bridge Construction

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slate road bridgePeters Consultants, Inc. is currently providing Engineering Services for Design and Bidding of the T-406 Slate Road Bridge over Spruce Run Creek in Madison Township, Columbia County.

Detailed services PCI is providing:
Phase 1 – Identification of Goals, Objectives and Concerns of the Project
Phase 2 – Investigation
Phase 3 – Preparation of Contract and Specifications Documents, Bidding and Construction Phase Services

Peters Consultants, Inc. is a full service consulting engineering/design and PennDOT certified firm that provides professional consulting service disciplines to municipal, commercial, industrial and private clients.

Peters Consultants, Inc. has successfully completed professional services utilizing funding from Pennsylvania DEP, DCNR, CDBG, local funding, EPA, Federal Highway Administration, PaDOT, FEMA, redevelopment funding and most other funding agencies. Peters Consultants, Inc. has adequate resources to complete proposed projects including two staffed offices, full color printer and full color auto cad plotter tied directly to the field survey corp data and various civil and surveying software programs, GPS survey equipment, survey equipment, various testing equipment and certification including pavement and soil nuclear gauge testing, concrete and soil testing for proctor, gradation and moisture content and a full support staff to assist our professionals.

slate road bridge2Peters Consultants, Inc. continuously updates our field survey equipment with two (2) Trimble R8 GNSS Model 3 GPS Units and (5) AutoCAD 2011 and Civil 3-D programs with workstations. Our staff participated in extensive training to utilize the new features on both the new equipment and programming.


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