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PSAB logoProject Manager, Angie Slusser, recently completed two workshops enhancing her qualifications at PCI. In September, she attended the Writing Effective Grant Proposals Workshop, hosted by The Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs.  The Workshop is designed to provide an efficient way to prepare a grant application. The focus of this workshop was to break down the process into a workable strategy to ensure a more successful outcome.  Topics covered included working effectively with foundations, responding to RFP’s, components of an effective proposal, evaluation strategies and considerations, how your proposal is reviewed, and effective search strategies.


Angie also attended the PMAA (Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association) Stormwater Issues Workshop held on October 28, 2014, in State College.  This Workshop is designed for engineers, municipalities and attorneys.  The major topic of this workshop was that Localities have a choice to create a Stormwater Authority, by creating an independent Stormwater authority or add Stormwater responsibilities to an existing municipal authority.  Recommendations were provided to secure support of the community, which are as follows:


  1. Call it a “Pollution Control and Flood Reduction Fee” or something similar.  The name should emphasize the benefits rather than describe the problem.
  2. Clearly show ratepayers how the money will be invested.  Most importantly, use “before and after” photos.
  3. Present the fee as a solution to local problems and providing local benefits, and not as a way to meet Chesapeake Bay or other regulatory requirements.
  4. Present the fee in its smallest increment (e.g. dollars per household per month) rather than its overall target (e.g. $3 million over 5 years) You can charge fees at a flat rate, by acreage, or based on estimates of stormwater runoff volume from each property and you can offer credits for onsite stormwater control measures, such as rain gardens and swales.
  5. Affirm to ratepayers that the money will be used for its stated purposes – and that the funds will not be “raided” for other priorities.


A Stormwater Authority would be in charge of all portions of stormwater, such as roads, curbs, sidewalks, inlets, swales, retention basins, etc.


Samples of outreach materials for public advertising can be found at such as:


  • Sample brochures or fact sheets for customizing
  • Sample PowerPoint presentations for customizing
  • Compelling photos that can be used on Websites and in publications
  • Surveys demonstrating residents support for stormwater authorities
  • Sample press releases for customizing
  • Sample blog posts for customizing
  • Sample social media posts for customizing


At this time there are only 2 Stormwater Authorities in Pennsylvania and 6 Municipalities which receive fees for stormwater.


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