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These simple steps can help prevent mosquitos from multiplying.  These insects are known carriers of the West Nile Virus, a potentially serious illness.  So be vigilant.  April through October – weekly through summer.

  • Arrange tarps to avoid puddles.  Empty after it rains.  Store unused tarps under cover.
  • Clean gutters even in the summer.
  • Screen rain barrels completely.  Treat water with bacterial larvacide.
  • Dispose of tires properly.
  • Aerate fish ponds and fountains and stock fish in them.
  • Properly maintain swimming pools.  Drain covers.  Clean kiddie pools weekly.
  • Keep trash and litter cleaned up in your community.
  • Make sure boats are stored with covers taut.
  • Store flowerpots, buckets and plastic toys inside.
  • Drill holes in the bottom of garbage cans and recycling cans.
  • Clean bird baths weekly.

Originally printed in PMAA Magazine – August 2012.


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