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Why are the actual 2012 municipal liquid fuels payments lower than the corrected estimates sent out in November 2011? Differences in estimated payments and actual payments are the result of both the correction from the new census numbers as well as the actual receipts from tax revenue which were much lower than anticipated. Essentially two forces were pushing the payment figures downward and upward making the estimated numbers difficult to predict. PennDOT attempts to anticipate these fluctuations in the fall estimate but is unable to control the many changes that occurred in this year’s actual allocation.

The Bureau of Municipal Services recognizes that this creates a very confusing situation for local municipalities. By the time they receive their liquid fuels allocation this year they will have seen at least three different letters from the Bureau- each with a different figure for 2012 Liquid Fuels Allocation. The Bureau will assist withthe explanation however possible.

Questions regarding this can be directed to Bryan Hanisko, Financial Consulting Division Manager, at 717-425-7071.

Reprinted from the Pennsylvania Borough News May 2012


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