FEMA Flood Maps

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Townships can view flood insurance rate maps for their communities on new website launched by the state Department of Community and Economic Development. The site,, contains digital maps from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that will help township officials create floodplain management strategies.  The site also helps homeowners determine if they live in a floodplain.

The digital floodplain maps highlight areas that are special hazards or risk premium zones to help homeowners and others determine if flood insurance is required.  The website also alerts users to the potential risks and responsibilities of living in a flood plain.

An interactive risk assessments tool allows users to enter a specific address to find out if it’s in a floodplain, must meet specific building code regulations or requires flood insurance.  To look up an address, click on the “Flood Risk Determination Tool” at the top of the page.

Separate sections for homeowners/tenants and communities allow visitors to find the information that applies to them.

Originally printed in Township News – August 2012


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