Contractors/Engineers Workshop

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IMG_20140312_103540_286Dennis Peters, PE, PLS, the Principal at Peters Consultants, Inc., was honored to be a presenter at the 20th Annual Regional Contractors Workshop at Keystone College on March 12, 2014.  Mr. Peters’ presentation touched on  what storm water is in the context of the land development and the permitting process. The presentation included how storm water runoff can negatively impact water quality if sound management practices are not in place.

The workshop is designed for those who move earth, including contractors, excavators, engineers, township road maintenance crews, public works department employees, well drillers, loggers, and surveyors. The focus of this workshop is to provide these individuals with information about controlling erosion and sedimentation pollution using the latest innovations in erosion control.

This event is hosted by the Wyoming, Sullivan, Lackawanna, and Luzerne County Conservation Districts in partnership with the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service and PA Department of Environmental Protection.


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